1. In-home Daycare — An Essential for School-Going Children in Summer Break

    Summer break is on its way. This is the time for enjoyment and a relaxed life. More than for children, summer holidays are primarily an opportunity to harbor and nurture good talent and habits in your children. You may enroll your children by fulfilling in-home daycare requirements in Missouri and m…Read More

  2. The Significance Of Choosing The Best Daycare Service For Your Child

    Sending your child to the best daycare service can lay the foundation for their academic success, social skills, and future independence. The best daycare center introduces children to learning and several beneficial activities while providing opportunities for social interaction with peers.  If yo…Read More

  3. Everything You Need to Know About A World of Discoveries

    As a parent, finding the right daycare center for your child can be a crucial decision. You want to find a place where your little one can learn, grow, and have fun in a safe environment. That’s why A World of Discoveries is an excellent option for families in Columbia, Missouri! Read on to learn …Read More

  4. Benefits of Daycare Centers for Working Parents

    Taking care of children and providing a good life for them is a privilege and a joy but the lives of parents do not stop when children come around, they still need to be able to go to work in order to properly provide for their children, and e…Read More

  5. Teacher with young children

    Why Is Child Care Important For Parents

    Affordable, accessible childcare is vital for parents, and at A World of Discoveries Daycare, we're proud to serve our Columbia community and help parents feel secure in their daycare provider. Our daycare center offers flexibility to parents, with part-time and full-day options. We also offer exten…Read More

  6. From Working Parents to Raw Minds of Children: Reasons to Opt for Daycare!

    Childhood is the most crucial period for both parents and kids. Where parents should organize more personality development and growth-oriented activities, working parents cannot spend and involve more in their children's life. This non-involvement is not constrained to working parents only but also …Read More

  7. Four Activities to Do With Your Child in the New Year

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  8. The Benefits of Daycare for Parents and Their Kids

    Whether you’re a new parent or a seasoned nurturer, sending your child to daycare is always a tough decision. The excitement is met with anxiousness and a hint of guilt for leaving your child with a different caregiver. At A World of Discoveries, we understand your concerns. Our well-managed dayca…Read More

  9. Things to Consider When Opening a Day Care Centre

    Taking care of a single child is no easy task in itself but taking care of a bunch of children altogether is an almost superhuman task. As rewarding as working with children can be, they are also very demanding and require your constant attention. This is why most parents feel the need to drop their…Read More