Every parent just wants the best for their little one; from day one to day 10001, there are a million different things they do to achieve that end. Well, we’ve got one more thing to add to the list: reading. There are a wide array of benefits to getting your child started on reading early. Some of them may seem self explanatory, but they’re all important. Because we know there’s no one more important to you than your child, here is a list of benefits to starting reading early:


Help Your Kids Help You

The benefits to reading with your kids don’t end with them. You’ll find that many of these apply to you as well. It’s a win-win!

  • The Bonding Experience — It may not seem like it second by second, but every moment you spend with your child strengthens the bond you have together. You may be reading to prepare for the future, but you’ll look back at this time you have spent with your kid with fonder and fonder memories as time goes on.
  • Sets A Schedule — Structure is important for any child’s development. Their daily reading can become a part of that structure, and it offer you a reprieve from bouts of giddy laughter and play. Kill two birds with one stone and teach your kid to tell time while teaching them to read also!
  • Improves Concentration — Children have short attention spans, it’s no secret. While getting them to concentrate gets progressively harder the longer you spend at a task, a regular reading schedule helps you make slow, incremental progress.
  • Speech Development — Reading off of a page and reading out loud are two different skills. Learning to form words with their mouths is a crucial part of child development. What better way to associate sounds with language than with a good book?
  • Improved Critical Thinking — You might have noticed by the way they talk, but children have a hard time grasping abstract concepts. This is perfectly normal, as they’re in a stage of development where the brain is starting to form.
  • Linguistic Mastery — Many of us adults are still having problems with mastery of the English language, so it’s no surprise your kid will also. Every little bit of a head start you get will make it that much easier when your kid has to use language in the real world.

These aren’t the only reasons to get your child started reading, but they sure help! When picking a book to read to your child, it helps to pick something with lots of images to follow along. Children are very visual learners. Pop up books also work great, as the child can touch the images after reading. If your child begins to lose interest, reading in a sing-song voice can often get it back.

Here at A World of Discoveries, we want your kids to grow up happy and healthy. We know a lot goes into taking care of a child, and you have a lot to do. That’s why we offer fantastic day care services, so you can leave your children in good hands. Call today to learn more.