There are so many amazing fall activities that would be fun for your entire family.

Now that summer is officially over, many people think they have to huddle inside to stay warm. Although fall isn’t quite as warm as summer, it is the perfect time of the year for family fun. At A World of Discoveries, our child care experts in Columbia know just how important family time is for both you and your children, and we went over some of the benefits associated with it in our last blog. Here are a few fall activities that we think your whole family will enjoy:

#1. Hay Rides

There are many local farms that host hay rides. Hay rides are so much fun, and they give your family an opportunity to sit together and talk while you take in the beautiful fall colors all around you.

#2. Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin isn’t just a fancy fall flavor at Starbucks, it’s the most iconic part of fall! Find a local pumpkin patch and take the whole family to pick out pumpkins. Whether you carve spooky faces into them or use them to bake delicious pumpkin pies, you’ll have a blast selecting the perfect pumpkins.

#3. Corn Maze

Tis’ the season to get lost in a field of 10-foot corn stalks! Corn mazes are so much fun, and your family will love the challenge and excitement of finding their way out of a giant maze. If you have young children, just make sure that you choose an age-appropriate maze because some are “haunted,” and they may be too scary for small children.

No matter how you spend your family time this fall, all that matters is that you are making time for your family!