Most working parents are working 40 or more hours per week. This means that many children spend 40 or more hours per week in child care. A lot of your child’s development is likely to occur at daycare.

While your child’s safety is our number one priority, there are many more benefits that a good daycare center can provide. At A World Of Discoveries in Columbia, we understand that while caring for your child, we have the unique opportunity to have an impact. That is why we include many different daily activities that focus on your child’s enrichment and development. Here are just some of the many benefits our child care activities provide:

Motor Skills

At such a young age, your child is developing important motor skills. At A World Of Discoveries, we help your child with their development of both fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Fine motor skills, dexterity, and hand-eye coordination are benefitted from activities such as puzzle-building, using scissors, stacking and sorting toys, and more. Equally important, we focus on gross motor skills through activities such as outdoor play, sports, riding toys, and more. 

Independent Tasks

Over time, your child develops more and more independence with individual tasks. A good daycare helps to provide consistency with these tasks such as potty training, hand washing, and even using a cup to drink. Becoming more independent is important for a child’s development as it helps to provide confidence, self-esteem, and decision-making skills. 


Encouraging creativity is an important component of a child’s mental and emotional development. At A World Of Discoveries, we focus on stimulating your child’s creativity and imagination through play activities such as dress-up and pretend play with dolls and other toys. We also focus on creativity and visual learning through artistic activities.


Your child’s language development begins early in life and is continuous. Our teachers help to expose your child to an adult speaker which helps to improve vocabulary and grammar. Language development is also a focus during activities such as storytime, music, and reading picture books. 

Social Skills

It is very valuable to begin social skill development early in life. In a daycare setting, your child has the chance to interact with peers and adults who are not family members. They will learn valuable skills such as sharing, communication, and manners. These skills will be invaluable later when they are in school. 

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 At A World of Discoveries, we believe in caring for your child as if they were our own. We understand the amount of time, energy, effort, and love that it takes to run a child care center properly. We also believe that every family deserves to experience the full benefits of professional child care services including early-age school preparation, social skill development, and other enrichment opportunities. If you’re ready for your little one to be in a child care center that goes above and beyond every day, call today for more information.