Starting child care in Columbia can be difficult for both children and parents alike. 

It’s never easy to send your child off to daycare for the first time, but it’s something that most parents have to face at some point or another. Settling into any new routine can be a challenge, and the transition to daycare is no exception. At A World of Discoveries, our goal is to make your child’s transition as easy as possible, and that’s why we started giving you a few helpful tips for transitioning your child to daycare in our latest blog. Keep reading for more helpful tips:

#4. Schedule a few playdates in advance. 

Being new isn’t easy for any of us, and when your child is in the process of such a huge transition, being the new kid can make it even more difficult. Starting daycare will be a whole lot easier for your child if there are a few familiar faces in the room. Scheduling a few playdates with kids from your child’s class will help them make friends before daycare even starts!

#5. Keep your own feelings in check. 

Dropping a child off at daycare can be just as hard for parents as it is for kids, but if you openly show how stressed and anxious you are, your child will be able to sense it. Being overly stress or anxious when dropping your child off for the first time won’t help anything, and it may even make the situation worse.

Do you have questions or concerns about transitioning your child to daycare? Contact our child care experts in Columbia today!