With all of the recent news about Zika virus, mosquito bite prevention is essential this summer. 

Summer is almost here, and that means that it is almost time for the mosquitoes to come out in force. Mosquito bites aren’t just itchy and irritating, they could also be dangerous. In our last blog, we gave you a bit of insight about the Zika virus, but Zika isn’t the only thing you need to be worried about. In 2015, there were 29 cases of West Nile virus in Missouri. Our child care experts in Colombia are dedicated to helping you keep your child healthy and safe, and that’s why we’ve come up with these mosquito bite prevention tips:

#1. Don’t leave the house without insect repellent. 

According to the CDC, not only is insect repellent safe, it’s also the best way to protect against mosquito bites. The CDC has also stated that even children and women who are pregnant should wear insect repellent to stay protected against mosquito bites.

#2. Cover up your skin. 

Mosquitoes tend to bite you where they can reach you, so your child is better off wearing longer pants and shirts than shorts and short sleeves. If it is too hot for long pants and sleeves, make sure that your child is wearing insect repellent.

#3. Keep the doors and windows closed. 

It’s tempting to let in the breeze to cool down your home, but this can also let in mosquitoes. Instead, cool your home with fans and air conditioning, and if you do open the windows and doors, keep the screens closed.