At A World of Discoveries, we make it a point to include play in our curriculum. 

Most people consider play and education to be two completely different things, but in all actuality, they go hand in hand. At A World of Discoveries, our child care professionals in Columbia understand how important play is for your child’s educational foundation, and that’s why we make it a very important part of our curriculum. But why is play so important? The following is a list of a few of the many reasons why play is important for young children:

#1. Play builds creativity. 

When kids play, they use their imaginations in a variety of ways, which helps to build creativity. Creativity isn’t just useful in music and the arts, it’s also important in education as a whole, and fostering creativity now will help to set the stage for a more successful educational career.

#2. Play improves communication and social skills. 

Play essentially teaches kids how to be social and communicate with one another. By talking and playing with other children their own age, your child will learn how to communicate more effectively, both verbally and nonverbally. This can also teach them other important social skills, like taking turns, sharing, etc.

#3. Play sets the stage for literacy.

Children often practice new sounds and learn new words when they play. They also learn to tell stories. All of these things can help to set the stage for future literacy. A solid grasp of literacy will benefit your child in so many different ways!

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