It may only be September but Halloween is right around the corner!

As you probably remember from being young and as your child won’t let you forget, October is all about the Halloween costumes!

Costume Ideas

If your little one is excited about dressing up, they may already know what costume they want to wear. However, sometimes it helps to have some other ideas and inspirations on hand. That way, if the costume conversation get a little too crazy — children don’t always think through the logistics of making the costume — you now have a way to steer them back to actual possibilities. Don’t worry, they’ll still love them.

Be Inspired

Take a moment to think about the things your child likes. Do they love to play baseball? Maybe they should be a baseball player! Do they have any favorite books? They could totally be that book’s main character. Do they love to be outside? You could help them dress up as a ladybug or a flower. The only limit when it comes to Halloween costumes are the ones you put on yourself. We say, go crazy! Enjoy just how silly and special your child’s imagination truly is.


Imitate a look from your or their favorite kid’s movie! There are lots of entertaining ways to dress up as characters from movies. Plus, the costumes have relatively already been designed for you!

For example:

  • Wizard of Oz
  • Harry Potter
  • Peter Pan


These are costumes that you can’t ever go wrong with and will never ever go out of style.

For example:

  • Animals
  • Historical people
  • Wild West characters

Pop Culture

Take a look at pop culture today. Is anything especially exciting and kid-friendly happening? Or even better, dress them up as something classic! Pop culture has a deep well of ideas going all the way back to the beginning of the 20th century.

For example:

  • Pikachu
  • Sesame Street characters
  • Scooby Doo and the gang

Get Creative

Don’t forget, there’s wisdom and frugality in helping your child make their costume instead of buying it! If you have the time and the resources, making a costume or thrifting one can be a great bonding activity between you and your little one. Additionally, many craft stores, blogs, and thrift store employees are a great resource for ideas. Ask around and you may be surprised at just how innovative the people in your life can be when it comes to pipe cleaners, pompoms, or a needle and thread!

A World Of Discoveries

At A World Of Discoveries, we love seeing the creativity and imagination that our students show off daily. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to let your child channel their creative energy into designing something totally unique. Whether you’re buying a costume and accessorizing or thrifting or making a costume entirely from scratch, we know that your child will love it! How do we know? They tell us while they’re here with us! Are you looking for a place that you can trust and that your child will love? Contact us today to learn more about our enrollment process!