Transition to Columbia’s leading daycare facility and know your child is getting the best care!

After navigating all your options for childcare and a daycare facility is the best decision for you and your family, finding one that is both affordable and one you feel confident in is the next step, albeit a big one at that!

A World Of Discoveries daycare facility in Columbia has what all parents and caregivers are looking for in childcare — a safe and nurturing environment where kids can thrive! Learn more about why our daycare facility is the right choice for your child!

Not Just Another Columbia Daycare…

If you want more from a daycare — more than just a place you drop your child off at and hope for the best — and a place you know they’re able to grow and develop in, A World Of Discoveries is your daycare destination. When you bring your child here, you can feel confident in the care they receive and know they’re nurtured every step of the way. 

Ideal Child-To-Staff Ratios

Know that there is always a daycare staff member keeping an eye on your child! A World Of Discoveries has low child-to-staff ratios so your child receives the care and attention they need and are always supported. You can rest easy knowing your child is protected and safe with an adult nearby. 

Passionate Caregivers

It’s vital to us that we hire the very best, which means vetting caregivers that take this as more than just a daycare job. We hire and train people who want to be here and have a passion for caring for kids. Our employees are kind and empathetic, providing your child with an environment they feel safe in. 

Growth- And Development-Centered Activities

A World Of Discoveries creates a space where kids can relax and have fun while staying engaged in a variety of activities. We provide an environment where children can foster their socioemotional skills when they play with other kids or leverage their creativity through art and science projects. 

Everything we do is with purpose — kids are learning new skills, yet they don’t even know it because it’s so fun!

Cozy Atmosphere

Every child needs an environment where they feel safe and supported, which is hard to find in a sterile and cold daycare environment, but this is not the case at A World Of Discoveries in Columbia. We’ve made it our mission to create an atmosphere that reflects a home — cozy and comfy with lots of fun activities for kids!

Age-Appropriate Activities

Because our Columbia daycare accepts age ranges from infants to 12 years old, it’s important that not only do we have the staff that can cater to each age group, but that there is a wide variety of age-appropriate activities that are inclusive for everyone. 

From a variety of books and toys to outdoor activities, we have age-appropriate activities that are safe and fun for all of our kids. 

Enroll Your Child Today!

A World Of Discoveries provides unmatched daycare services in the Columbia area. Our kid-first approach creates a facility that is ideally staffed with fun activities, from people who care.

Learn more about our premier child care today!