Fun in the sun can include books too!

It’s that time of year again — the season for summer vacation! This time can be especially hard and equally demanding for parents because the structure of school disappears. All that time that kids have been expanding and learning, is often replaced with copious screen time!

Help encourage fun activities like reading for your child this summer. Explore fun ways to foster a love of reading this summer with A World of Discoveries.

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Connect To Curiosity

One of the easiest ways to encourage reading is to help your child explore what they’re interested in. From dinosaurs and plants to sports figures and dancing, go to your local library and check out material on their favorite topics.

This is also a really great way to get them away from their screens and devices and go outside to explore things in the park or in a museum.

Create An Outdoor Reading Nook

The weather is so nice in the summer, and a special spot just for your kiddo will help get them out the door.

The space doesn’t have to be complicated, it can simply be a blanket or rug with pillows under a shaded tree or umbrella, and even a comfy hammock is a big hit with kids.

Read With Your Child

Kids love it when you read with them, and while devoting a nightly routine where you read a couple of pages out of their favorite book is fun and engaging, you can make it more practical and less time-intensive by reading more than just books.

Read food boxes, road signs, labels, and more!

Forge A Summer Book Club

Kids love to be with their friends in the summer, so why not combine reading and socialization? This is a great chance to have a couple of their peers pick a weekly book and then meet up and talk about it.

This is also a great chance to expand on what they’re reading about. Perhaps someone picked an origami book, so create an opportunity to learn origami — the same is true for cooking and virtually any other topic.

Use An Incentive

What works well with kids? Incentives! Set a goal with your child such as reading one new book a week or a certain amount of pages each day, and then celebrate this accomplishment by getting their favorite treat or toy.

Try New Things

Many times kids stick to a certain genre because they don’t realize the vast world of books that are available! Introduce them to new genres or formats to ignite their passion for reading.

Share A Love Of Reading With A World Of Discoveries

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