7 Fun Springtime Activities For Kids

Get your kids outdoors and into the sunshine!

Have you noticed your little one getting particularly antsy lately? Perhaps it’s the beautiful spring weather in Columbia. Spring is all about thawing out from the long, cold winter and reemerging ready to embrace the blooming buds, fresh air, and warmer temperatures.

At A World Of Discoveries in Columbia, we understand the important role that nature plays in the overall wellness and development of toddlers and older school-aged children alike. Our daycare provides ample opportunities for outdoor play! Explore other ways to enjoy the springtime with fun outdoor activities in today’s post!

Getting Outdoors

If you had a winter where you were cooped up indoors, getting outdoors can feel especially nice. There are so many activities to engage your little one while soaking up the sun and encouraging exploration and learning. 


Whether you have a big backyard or just a little patio, you can plant a garden no matter how much space you have. Explore nature by planting a few things from seed like an herb garden or in containers you set out on your porch. 

Teach your child about watering and tending to the garden, and as things grow, you can then harvest the herbs or vegetables for your cooking.

Scouting Wildlife

Hang a bird feeder outside and watch for wildlife with your toddler. Talk about the different species of birds and you see. You could also go on a wildlife walk in a local park and look for animal tracks or where bugs hide under rocks and logs. 


Go to your favorite park or open space and have a picnic. Pack your favorite food, snacks, and activities for a fun day outdoors. Whether you’re reading together, playing a board game, or kicking the ball around, it’ll be fun just to be outside. 

Outdoor Art

Sidewalk chalk is a fun activity that doesn’t require any travel or planning — grab your bucket of colorful chalk and take it to the sidewalks! Draw hopscotch to get your little one moving, or let their imagination go! You could even write words down the sidewalk and have them follow drawing what the word is. 

Nature Collage

Go on a neighborhood walk and collect items that are found in nature — flowers, leaves, berries, twigs, etc. — and go back home and make a picture out of the things you found. 

Animal Yoga

Grab a towel, blanket, or yoga mat and go outside and do animal yoga — kid-friendly yoga. Not sure how to do animal yoga? A quick internet search provides images and videos on how to do animal yoga poses. 


The Douglass Family Aquatic Center in Columbia has a variety of family-friendly outdoor activities including spraygrounds, a pool with a spiral slide, and a climbing wall. Make the most of a sunny day with a day at the pool.  

 Daycare Services in Columbia

For all the days you can’t be with your little one, A World Of Discoveries in Columbia is here for you. From playing on our outdoor playground to outdoor arts and crafts, we love getting into nature! 

For more information about enrollment, contact A World Of Discoveries today!