With the snow on its way, it’s time to start thinking about some family fun activities you can do with your kids in Columbia. There are plenty of activities to do when the snow is falling, like building a snowman, having a fun and friendly snowball fight, making countless snow angels, sledding, and so much more! However, in areas that it snows and reaches bitterly cold temperatures — like Columbia — it’s important to dress your kids properly. Whether you have an infant, toddler, or school-aged child, you’ll want to ensure they have warm enough clothing so that they can enjoy the snow and avoid a mid-sledding meltdown. If you plan on enjoying the snow and participating in winter activities with your children follow these simple tips to ensure your child is warm and enjoying the fun!

Add some layers

Spending most of the day outside, you and your child will be active. Dressing your child in layers is essential for keeping your child comfortable. Plus, throughout the day, temperatures can fluctuate. However, you can maintain your child’s comfort by simply adding or removing a layer based on the weather. When the temperatures drop and the wind chill rises, consider dressing your child with the common three-layer technique in mind:

Base Layer

A base layer is the layer of clothing that sits closest to the skin and is generally meant to be a form of insulation. This can be a thick long-sleeve shirt and sweatpants or thermal underwear. In addition, part of the base layer is the socks. You’ll want to select a brand of socks that are breathable and that will keep your kid’s feet warm throughout the day. Wool is an excellent fiber to use for base layers — both socks and the under clothing — and will help keep moisture away.

Middle Layer

The mid layer can be as simple as a hoodie or a sweatshirt. The middle layer is meant to provide some extra insulation when outside, but also provides enough comfort to be worn indoors while taking a break to eat lunch or sip delicious hot chocolate.

Outside Layer

When being active outside, the outer layer is very important for your kids. The outside layer should consist of good quality snow pants and boots, as well as a warm winter jacket. The type of outside layers needed can depend on what activity is taking place. For example, sledding will require thicker, heavier material than building a snowman would. Outer layers will always be needed when the cold weather hits, so consider getting something that will last multiple seasons.

Find great brands

There are many brands of winter clothing available. Of course, some brands are better than others and — if your budget allows — it may be a good idea to invest in quality clothing for your kids. In the end, purchasing quality winter wear for your kids will ensure their comfortability and sanity through the season. Look for brands that are made of high-quality fabric. You can find good quality brands at most clothing and sporting goods store, and you can always ask a store associate which brand is best for your child. Buying high-performance winter gear for your kids will not only keep them warm and comfortable, but the gear will likely last multiple seasons!

Functional clothing features

You can find children’s winter clothing that is fun and functional. Today, you can find pieces of winter clothing that has fun and useful features, like removable hoods, adjustable sleeve cuffs, removable hoods, powder skirts, strengthened waterproof lines, and more. These simple additions and features in the winter clothing your child wears will bring convenience and functionality for you and your child.

Dress in waterproof material

If you can remember when you would play outside in the snow, you probably remember how horrible it was wearing wet clothes after a day full of sledding. No child will enjoy cold, soaked socks or frozen hands and fingers due to wet gloves. There is, however, waterproof winter gear available. Dressing your child in waterproof gear will keep them dry, warm, and comfortable throughout the day. The outside layer should waterproof when spending a day outside in the snow. Waterproof boots, snow pants, gloves, and jackets are all winter gear that should be considered when dressing your child for outside winter activities.

Don’t forget the accessories

Once you have the proper winter gear and have layered properly for a fun-filled day in the snow it is time to think about the accessories. During the winter season, basic accessories — like gloves, scarves, and hats — are essential for your children. These basic items will help protect your children from the biting cold and dreadful wind. Even if you aren’t playing in the snow and just going outside for a walk or shopping, be sure your child has these items.

Now that you know how to properly dress your child for the cold winter weather, you are ready to enjoy some weekend family fun when the snow starts falling! At A World of Discoveries, we encourage families to go outside and enjoy the snow. Remember, when you need a daycare in Columbia, MO there’s not a better option than A World of Discoveries. We are one of the only daycares in the area that offers 24-hour child care, making it more convenient for parents who work, have emergencies, or need a night out. To learn more about our daycare services, please contact us.