Keeping outdoor activities safe for kids!

Autumn is right around the corner, which means fall sports leagues are gearing up for their first practice. Navigating this year’s back-to-school season is especially difficult for parents because many are faced with the decision of whether or not returning to the classroom is safe, which ties right in with a return to fall sports.

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The Importance of Physical Activity For Children

It’s nothing new that kids need physical activity, and it’s especially important in these challenging times. Not only do kids benefit from physical activity, but they also benefit socially, emotionally, and psychologically as well.

Many kids are winding down from summer vacation where they were likely on a less restrictive schedule and able to roam in the sunshine with friends, but now with school looming, it’s integral that kids are getting the physical activity they need to help them thrive in their growth and development.

Keeping Sports Safe

Whether your child is playing in a city league this fall or they like to play sports as a part of a daycare activity, there is a way everyone can engage in a safe and healthy way.

Keep Social Distancing A Priority

Help kids avoid direct contact through social distancing. You may have to get a little creative in practice or during playtime, but you can practice drills like passing the soccer ball or shooting hoops safely.

Wear Masks

It’s hard to get kids to wear masks — especially when they’re younger — but if social distancing can’t be maintained, cloth face masks are recommended. Always ensure that when kids are participating in activities that masks won’t get caught on equipment and that they’re able to see clearly.

Limit Shared Equipment

Soccer is a great sport because there is minimal contact with other players, and the soccer ball is being kicked with their feet. When you play baseball or basketball, kids typically touch more things like the basketball, baseball, bats, and baseball gloves.

You can limit the contact with equipment by asking kids to wear gloves if they share mitts or ask that players bring their own. It’s also imperative that kids have their own individual water bottles at practice and that they do not share any food or beverages.

Practice Healthy Habits

Help your kids and players get into practicing healthy and hygienic habits such as washing their hands frequently, and make hand sanitizer readily available during every activity or sports practice. As a parent, daycare provider, or coach, it’s crucial that you’re doing your part to clean and disinfect frequently used equipment and surfaces before, after, and even between uses.

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We’re all getting better at adapting to the challenges the pandemic brings, including sports. Our daycare kids love to run around and start pickup sports games in addition to many of them being involved in fall sports teams — the better we can practice sports safely, the more physical activity they can savor.

Enjoy a safe and healthy sports season!

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