When it comes to parenting, nobody can do it all. Most single parents must work while raising their children. Many two-parent households also work full-time while raising kids, whether for financial reasons or personal choice. It can be difficult to balance working life with your child’s day-to-day needs, especially before they are old enough for school.

Luckily, programs such as infant or pre-school aged daycare offer a great solution for parents. Daycare services allow parents to be sure that their children are being cared for by caring professionals during the workday. At A World of Discoveries Daycare Services in Columbia, we provide this benefit and many more for parents and children.  

Preparing for School

Many children come to daycare before they are old enough to start school. This is a great time to ensure that your child has the skills that will help them thrive at school in the future. Daycare can help make for a smoother transition to kindergarten by teaching your child how to positively communicate and interact with peers as well as helping them be comfortable with being away from home and parents during the day. This is also a great time for children to get used to interacting with adults who aren’t their parents, such as caregivers and teachers. Daycare can also help your child get started with those beginning academic skills such as reading and counting. Overall, your child’s time at daycare provides a good foundation for the rest of their academic experience. 

Learning Social Skills

Daycare is an excellent environment for children to begin developing their social skills. Children in daycare have the opportunity to spend time with their peers in a safe, structured, and supervised environment. This gives children a great opportunity to work on skills such as sharing, problem-solving, and treating each other kindly. These are valuable skills to develop not only for school but for the rest of your child’s life. 

Enriching Activities

When in a daycare program, children have the benefit of a regular schedule and a day full of activities. Children thrive on regular schedules in which they know what to expect during the day. At daycare, this schedule will be filled with many different activities that are both fun and provide enrichment. Whether the activity is an art project, music, being read to, or many others, you know your child will be participating in activities that positively affect their development. 

A World Of Discoveries

At A World of Discoveries, we believe in caring for your child as if they were our own. We understand the amount of time, energy, effort, and love that it takes to run a daycare properly. We also believe that every family deserves to experience the full benefits of daycare services including early-age school preparation, social skill development, and other enrichment opportunities. If you’re ready for your little one to be in a child care center that goes above and beyond every day, call today for more information.