Taking care of a single child is no easy task in itself but taking care of a bunch of children altogether is an almost superhuman task. As rewarding as working with children can be, they are also very demanding and require your constant attention. This is why most parents feel the need to drop their kids off at daycare while they go and earn bread for the family.

If you are considering opening a daycare center to help the children and parents in your neighborhood, there are a few things you should take into consideration before you open your doors to the children.

Daycare Licensing Requirements

Opening a daycare requires special local and state licenses, which you will need to research and apply for before your business can be up and running. When it comes to the safety and security of children, the government puts a lot of thought and effort into making regulations that prevent a lot of accidents from happening.

You should reach out to your state and local childcare service providers for information about licenses as well as the costs involved in applying for the permits. It is important to note that you will need to have a clean criminal and driving record if you even want to consider opening a daycare center.

Insurance and Taxes

Getting insurance for any business should be mandatory at this point, but it becomes especially important when it comes to children, as you are responsible for their safety for the time period that they are in your care. You are eligible for certain insurance when taking care of children, as well as a number of tax deductions. If you are unsure about what this entails, you should get in touch with local childcare service providers for information.


Like any other venture, daycares require a large amount of capital to keep them running and so that adequate care can be provided for the children. Once you have a clear business plan and a proper financial advisor that can help in money matters, you can start looking at alternative methods of acquiring funding for your venture. There are many governmental and private grants that are available which can help you cover initial start-up costs and even bank loans that can be taken out. It is important to note that a daycare can be a profitable business like any other if smart choices are made from the beginning.

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