Imagination is one of our most valuable playthings.

As we grow older we often forget how to imagine and lose the joy of finding ourselves whisked away to a faraway castle or in a dark cave looking for a lost city. Luckily, your little munchkins haven’t forgotten! Best of all, they’re more than happy to take you imaginary adventuring with them.

Not too sure make-believe is up your alley? No worries! We have a few other suggestions that activate the imagination without having to worry about trying to name the “mama dragon” and all her little dragon babies. You can also check out part one of this blog for more ideas of fun, creative activities for the weekend.

Read below to learn some new games and super fun outdoor activities that will get you and your child running around giggling and exercising this summer.

Finish Each Other’s Sentences

We have a fun game for you! If your child is old enough to write, get a sheet of notebook paper and write a sentence. Then hand the paper over to the next writer. Have them write a sentence that continues the story, then fold the paper over to cover the first sentence and hand the paper to the next writer. They write a sentence that continues the story based off the second sentence, fold the paper to cover the second sentence, and pass it off to the next writer so only their sentence they just wrote is visible. Continue folding and passing in a circle until the whole paper is filled out. Then unfold your paper and read your silly story! This activity is guaranteed to have the room in fits. Is your tiny human not old enough to write? Draw a monster instead! Start with a body or a head and have each person add something to the monster until the monster is totally special — don’t forget to name him!

Sing A Silly Song

If we learned anything from Sesame Street (and we learned a lot!) it’s the power of a silly song. Make one up while you’re doing boring chores or lame housework. Your kids will love it and we bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how fast the work goes by. Not sure where to start? It’s easy! Just start singing exactly what you’re doing. The words will come naturally after that.

Break Out That Chalk

If it’s warm enough outside, grab that bucket of chalk and brighten the neighborhood with some color! Don’t be worried about how it looks, the Ninja Turtles were even named after famous artists and they can’t draw at all. So if they’re no good at art, no one expects you to be. If art isn’t your thing, there are lots of fun outdoor games you can play once you draw the court. Teach your peanuts hopscotch. Pro tip: you can make it harder by putting rocks in certain squares; players have to jump over the squares with rocks! Grab the neighborhood friends and play Four Square, an intense game of handball where only the most coordinated survive.

At World of Discoveries we love playing exciting, active games and we’re sure you do, too! Our kids are so fun and hilarious, some of the games they create for themselves are better than the ones that actually have a patent. We know sometimes it doesn’t matter how much you love playing games, you still have to go to work as “the adult.” Contact us today about enrollment so that your little one can still play every day. Besides, maybe you’ll both learn some new games that we can share with each other!