Help your child stay resilient and adapt to all the challenges that may arise.

As COVID-19 continues, it’s important to check in with your child to not only gauge their physical health, but their emotional wellness, too. As a parent or caregiver, you may be struggling trying to keep them all occupied and protected.

At A World Of Discoveries in Columbia, we understand first-hand how anxious or stressed out you may be. Learn more about how to support your child, and hopefully, feel supported by us in the meantime.

Emotional Wellness = Stronger Immunity

When your child feels supported and safe, and not stressed or anxious, it supports a stronger immune response because the body can better combat any bacteria or viruses that may come their way. How can you better support your child while keeping them happy and healthy?

Create or Maintain Routines

Young children thrive in routines, and especially if you’re spending more time with them at home, a regular schedule is helpful for everyone involved. Follow specific bedtimes and wake-up times — as long as there is some structure it can help calm kids during stressful times because they know what to expect.

You can create a schedule that suits your life at home best. Another great way to keep routines is to make them visual — create a chart that has a daily schedule on it such as breakfast, morning chores, play time, etc.

Manage Your Emotional Health

These are trying and uncertain times, and there aren’t, without a doubt, parent handbooks for a global pandemic — you’re just as stressed and anxious! The most important part to remember is to mind your anxiety because it can have a huge impact on your children. It’s crucial to create an age-appropriate dialogue to better navigate their feelings.

In times that you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed, ensure you’re in space away from your child when you need to talk.

Get Creative About Exercise And Activities

Start something fun and new with your kids, whether it’s going on a scavenger hunt with a list of things to find or do, or making Sunday an unplugged day where puzzles and reading books are prioritized.

It’s also vital that kids stay active — do yoga, ride bikes, or have a dance party to help keep your kids moving!

Be Mindful Of What You Consume

The media — news, social platforms, etc. — have a tendency to produce what’s known as ‘catastrophic thinking” in what they report. So while you may have the news on in the background as you’re making dinner, when your child is engaged, they may not hear it as just background noise.

Be mindful of how everyone is consuming information and how it may influence stress and anxiety in your child.

Stay Connected

Even though seeing people is not quite back in the cards, there are still a myriad of ways you can stay connected. Instead of playdates, schedule Zoom dates where your child can hang out with their friends. You could have it be a theme and create a game or questions around it to help keep them focused and occupied.

You could also arrange a socially distanced gathering where you create stations for each kid and play a movie or plan a fun hike with another parent and their child.

How Else Can A World Of Discoveries Support You?

Do you need a break? Our Columbia daycare is here to provide you a reprieve, if only for a couple of days out of the week. We follow strict protocols to keep your child happy and healthy while they’re here.

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