Now that summer is officially here, kids will be enjoying splashing in the pool, playing at the park, and later bedtimes — surely every child’s dream. While the summer vacation gives kids a much-needed break from school, for some young students, summer can also mean a major learning loss. The good news, though, is that with the proper knowledge and tools parents can keep their children’s brains sharp during the summer months. Be sure to follow these tips to help keep your child’s mind engaged and sharp while still enjoying their fun in the sun during summer break.

Set Up a Reading Schedule

Summer reading is a great way for children to maintain their literacy skills. Plus, books are a great way to get children’s imaginations flowing! Be sure to set off time every day, whether it is 15 minutes or an hour, for your child to read independently. Be sure to get books that match their reading level. If your kids are too young to read independently, read along with them. Check out your local library to see if they have summer reading challenges available for young students.

Get Crafty

Making something with your child, whether its a tray of chocolate chip cookies, building a birdhouse, or some other activity that requires planning, measuring, cooperation, and other fine skills. When children are involved in these ‘adult activities’ they are eager to learn and help out.

Practice Math

While kids may think it is the least fun summer activity, it is important to practice basic math so children do not lose what they learn during the school year. Take a few moments throughout the week to go over math concepts. Flash cards are a fun and exciting way to keep your child’s adding, subtracting, multiplication, and other math skills sharp. Additionally, there are plenty of games, websites, and apps that make learning math fun!

Visit a Nearby Museum or Learning Center

Plan a trip to a museum, learning center, or even a historical site so your child can learn something new. These places offer fun sensory activities and learning experiences that your children will love. Be sure to engage in the learning with them, asking them questions throughout your visit that challenge their critical thinking skills.

Encourage Creative Play

Remember, for kids, the summer is all about playing and having fun. However, there are ways that you can keep it constructive. Be sure to limit your child’s screen time and discourage video games as much as possible. Encourage your kid to go outside and play with their neighborhood friends. See if they are able to come up with any new fun games to play.

By being proactive with your children this summer, you can help their brains stay sharp and engaged. Once the beginning of the school year rolls around, they will feel refreshed and creatively recharged!

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