1. Prepare Your Kids for the Cold and Flu Season

    The new school year has finally kicked off! A new year of school brings a lot of excitement for both children and their parents, and while there are a lot of things to look forward to, there is one thing that we absolutely dread – the cold and flu season. As parents, during the flu season, it seem…Read More

  2. Are Your Children Getting the Sleep They Need?

    There are countless distractions that are keeping our children from getting the proper sleep they need. Sleep deprivation is an increasing trend with our kids. Babies, children, and teens all need more sleep than adults to support their physical and mental development. However, not getting a suffici…Read More

  3. Exercise Benefits For Kids

    When it comes to our kids, every parent just wants the best. Unfortunately, they do not come with a rule book. That means it's up to us, with our limited knowledge of the world and endless daily responsibilities, to give them all the tools they'll need to grow up into a responsible, productive adult…Read More

  4. How To Make Learning To Read Fun

    In our last post, we went over some of the benefits your child can reap from getting a head start on learning to read. Reading comprehension is a great skill that will continue to serve them throughout the rest of their lives. Luckily, learning to read can be a fun bonding experience for you and you…Read More

  5. Benefits to Starting Reading Early

    Every parent just wants the best for their little one; from day one to day 10001, there are a million different things they do to achieve that end. Well, we've got one more thing to add to the list: reading. There are a wide array of benefits to getting your child started on reading early. Some of t…Read More

  6. Tips to Help You Make Time for Family Dinner

    Family dinners are important for kids in many ways, but how do you find the time to actually make dinner? Have you had a chance to read our Columbia daycare's last blog? If you have, then you already know that sitting down and eating a home-cooked meal as a family is beneficial for your child in man…Read More

  7. Why Family Dinners are Important for Your Child

    It's not always easy to find time for family dinner, but there are many reasons to make time for it. In this day and age, it seems like it's difficult to find time for just about anything. Most parents have so much going on that it's much easier to simply stop by a drive-thru or order take-out than …Read More

  8. How to Find Patience When You’re Feeling Irritable Part 2

    We are all in bad moods from time to time, but your kids just don't understand. Kids are some of the moodiest little creatures in the world. They are happy one minute and crying the next. You'd think that this moodiness would allow them to understand their parents' emotions and bad moods, but that …Read More

  9. How to Find Patience When You’re Feeling Irritable

    As a parent, you don't get a break when you are irritable or in a bad mood, so how do you find your patience? Every parent knows that when you're temper is already short, it's not easy to find the patience to treat your child like they deserve to be treated. We all feel irritable and impatient from …Read More